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This is the page of Inuyasha!
Inuyasha is an anime by Rumiko Takahashi. She also made Ranma 1/2 (also very good). This is my first site so...I'm kinda new at it...I hope you enjoy, and give me feedback! Thanks!
Inuyasha is:
Inuyasha is a hot-tempered hanyou (1/2 demon 1/2 human) who can't take a hint! He is stronger than a mere hanyou though. With the help of his father's fang (tessaiga), his sword, Inuyasha defeats most of his enemies. But once the sword broke and his demon blood overcame him and he was a cold-hearted killer. Inuyasha may be very proud, but when it comes to Kikyo or Kagome in trouble, Inuyasha is always the first to react! *Kikyo is a dead miko who is out for revenge against Inu-chan and Kagome is her reincarnation (they are nothing alike, except for the love they share for Inu-chan but now Kikyo wants him to go to hell with her!*
Inu-chan in his human form...the moons around him represent his cycle throughout the month.

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Inuyasha is so kawaii! *cute*
Inuyasha is so cute when he smiles! And when he pouts, and when he's just him lol

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