About Me and Inuchan
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'Bout Me!
I am an anime fan! *if you haven't figured that out yet lol* Some of my faves are Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ranma1/2, Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Yu-Gi-Oh, Perfect Blue *movie*, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, and still extending my faves!

Inu-chan's Life
Inuyasha had a dog-demon father and a human mother (they are both dead). He also has a half-brother, a full demon, named Sesshoumaru, who is constantly trying to take the tessaiga, even though he has the tensaiga. Inuchan once wanted the Shikon-No-Tama (a sacred jewel which enhances power) to become a full demon, but a miko named Kikyo stopped him and then befriended him. They were in love but an evil man named Onigumo was jealous and framed Inu-chan for the pain that Kikyo was inflicted (slashed her right shoulder). She blamed Inuchan and shot an arrow and sealed him to a tree. Now, 50 yrs later, he has been awakened by the miko's reincarnation, Kagome, and sets out on a journey to find the shards of the Shikon jewel (Kagome shattered it).

Inuyasha was once a very evil hanyou but now, Kagome (she fell down a well and 50yrs into the past, just so you know!), with some help from Kikyo, has turned him around. Now they have teamed up with Miroku, a lecherous monk, Sango, a demon-huntress *strange isn't it?*, Shippou *a young kitsune (fox demon)*, and sometimes Myouga (a flea demon who is a very old and wise demon who is Inu-chan's advice giver?) lol couldnt think of another word for him.

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I don't have links right now, but email me and i'll put you in!

"You shouldn't talk to yourself, it makes people wonder"-Shippou