Inuchan Mini Shrine
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Arigato! And some I scanned...but when I was at, I found all my pics on, some are mine, and some are trabia garden's

No ink!
His nose!
He's lost it!
Oi! Inu-chan! Chill out!
Not what it looks like!
It's a miracle!

Awwww! Poor Inu-chan!
Awww~ ewww pink
Gomen Nasai, I would prefer it not being on a pink bed lol
Um...cover your young eyes!
Not because the bubbles, but the words!
*points and laughs*
if that ever happened to me in school, i would laugh so hard, i would fall out of my seat

He blushes
Ain't it cute

This is towards the end of the series

"Feh! Stupid Wench!"-Inuyasha