Sesshoumaru-sama and Rin-chan
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I love this anime so much

Lord Sesshoumaru looks pissed
Kohaku took Rin-can away from him! Don't trifle with Sesshoumaru if you know what is good for you! ^.^
  Sesshoumaru is actually choking Kohaku in this pic
Gomen nasai...but I could only show this

Gotta love Sesshoumaru
He isn't that bad! He has a good side! And if you say he doesn't, than why does he protect Rin so much? hmmmm?

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He is so hot when he is mad
Gomen nasai...just my opinion

Rin is trying to protect her beloved master, Sesshoumaru-sama

*smiles up to Sesshoumaru*....*thinks: 'why isn't she afraid of me?'*-Sesshoumaru (come on! would you be afraid of someone who protected you, even if he was a full bred demon? not me!)