Photo Page of Inuchan (still gettin more!)
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If you see any of your pics on here...and for some odd, phenomenal reason I did not ask you for them or my mail was not delivered or me and I'll give you credit or something...many of my pictures are from the site

Inuyasha is so concerned (most likely 'cuz Kagome is hurt!)

Kind of a collage of Inu-chan

He's human in this pic! (1st day of month *no moon* is when he changes human)



She doesn't even know who he is...grrrrr...lay off! lol...And he already looks like it's his job to protect her!

I wonder what they just saw?

Nice collage, eh?

Uh oh! Sumtin' happened!

Sesshoumaru and Inu-chan in another *yawns* fight.


Aww...Sess is showing his nice side to Rin..yes he has one!

So scared! *runs and hides*

Ow! That looks like it hurts...just a lil!

oooooooooo...take it off for the ladies!

Pretty Kool huh?

Anyone who is anyone, knows this would never happen!

Um...*runs and hides* Inu-chan...turn back to normal!


I thought this looked really kool!

*sweats body fat away* ooo la la!

I like this pic...

Him and a sword...yay! lol

O! So serious!

This is from a really really good fanfic! go to to read it!

Merry Christmas!


Pretty blossoms... I think they are sakura blossoms *also known as cherry blossoms(i have a skaura blossom tree in front of my window ^.^)*...hmmmm?

Awwww...hes a snow pup!

The Monk, Miroku...he's hot...just...a lech!

"Will you bear my child? *thud*"-Miroku