Koga's Page
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Some of My Pics of Koga
For all of you who love Koga...He's my mate! muhahahahahahaha sorry

He's Waiting!...For me!
Notice how's he's so relaxed in my presence and how he brushes off his wolves just for me! hehe.
So Fast!
He's rushing to come home to me hehe.
He's so Kawaii!
He's so cute when he's concerned...about me of course *smiles innocently and glomps Koga*
Depressed! *cries*
He's dissapointed 'cuz I'm messing 'round with my site and not him! hehe ^_^
Who knew?
Who knew he'd be so scared!
They really bring out his demon features! muhahahahahaha
Behold the Fist of Koga!
Wow! He's got a nice one too!

"You're my woman!"-Koga (obviously talking to me u just mistaked it for Kagome lol)