More of Koga!
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I love him soooo much!
We were mates made in Nirvana hehe.

Koga and Inu-chan.
They are of equal power...but I think Koga is stronger...just my opinion. ^_^

O yes!
Much stronger hehe
Uh huh!
Much stronger...kick his butt Koga! (sorry inuchan fans)
O no!
I dunno...but it looks like he's hurt!
He's hurt and yet he still has a smirk! (hey that rhymes hehe)
Darn Kagome!
I hate her! How dare she try to hurt poor Koga! *cries*
Oooooooo....he's pissed!
Watch out! *random ppl duck and hide under beds...i just laugh* (i am a hanyou who is mated to him...why should i be frightened *thinks...pathetic humans*)
So hot!
No matter what's happening...he's my hubby!
An Angel?
Nope...full wolf demon lol
Either he hears somethin' or he scared his tribal members lol
Pretty In Pink lol
Awwwww I love this pic...he punches pink stuff *shudders at the sight of pink*
At least he's strategic! *inuchan grumbles*
My Personal Fave!
I wonder Why! Good View *cough* sorry
He loves me!
He honestly loves me lol

"Hey dog boy"-Koga