And Koga Again lol...I'm Obsessed
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I dunno if this is the last page of this or not lol
Hope you all like Koga! I'll be building my site don't fret!

Her B/F
Good stay away from my mate! *growls and flexes claws*
Ow ow!
Flex them legs! *duz happy Kage dance*
Determination is the best and quickest way to my heart!
Powered up!
Those Shikon shards give off a nice light 'round him!
Inuchan actually dodged hehe
Wow! How is that for a glamour shot!
He's Angry...again
He tends to be very jealous when a guy is even near me! *looks away and whistles* hehe

"So this little fox tagged along, huh?"-Koga